Apartment Restaurant


Our family winery has reached a new milestone and we have opened our apartment restaurant. Our goal is to associate our wines with dishes based on family recipes, which sound unusual at first, but can open new horizons for Hungarian wine lovers. We prepare for pre-announced themed evenings and weekends. At these events, we tell you about the origins of the dishes, our wines and sparkling wines, while music is playing. In order to have the most authentic experience, we also toss these wine evenings with screenings, which allows our guests to experience the time spent with us as a trip-like experience.

We make homemade corn tortillas and tacos with different toppings or jalapeno poppers, which are excellent and harmonious accompaniment to our fruity, beautifully acidic Tarcal wines.

Masterpieces of Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian regional cuisine; which are in some cases elegant having an interesting, but definitely balanced, homemade taste in relationship with Tokaj classics. We will introduce our dear guests to well-known dishes such as Ukrainian borsch, Russian solyanka and Belarusian holodnik. We offer homemade dumplings, varenyiki, and buckwheat pancakes with caviar and smoked butterfish.