Our Story

Get to know us and our story!

The beginning

Kern Winery was founded in 2012 with the aim of creating a connection between the past and future of wine production, combining tradition with nature and technology. Our plan is to “revive” traditional, almost forgotten grape varieties using the most modern and gentle procedures.

We bought our first areas in Balatonszőlős (Öreghegy, Penke-dűlő), followed by the other plantations in Tokaj-Hegyalja (Tarcal-Mandulás-vineyard, Szegi, Bakonyi) with Tarcal estate center. We currently farm on 10 hectares (5 ha Lake Balaton, 5 ha Tokaj-Hegyalja).


Our wines are spontaneously fermented, we only use absorbable spray in the vineyard in spring. The bottles contain the best of the fruit, with as little intervention as possible, thus showcasing the diversity and uniqueness of both varieties and areas.

In addition to still wines, we make champagne in both wine regions using a traditional method.

Our main varieties in Balatonszőlős are Riesling, Pinot Gris, Zenith. In Tokaj Furmint, Muscat Lunel and Hárslevelű. Get to know our wines!

Our mission

Passionly create quality wine and sparkling wine.


Pál Kern


As a development engineer, I have been running my IT business for decades. Since I was young, I have been constantly looking for ways to create something new and useful that can make everyday life simpler and more enjoyable. My chosen profession brings with it the possibility of continuous development and openness to new technologies, special, unique solutions. The establishment of the winery is partly due to this and my passion for wine.

Léna Szavercsenko


In the early nineties, I came to Hungary thanks to basketball and I got to know Pali through sports. I graduated as a programming mathematician in Minsk, but I already got my second degree in winemaking at Corvinus University in Budapest. I see myself as a person who loves nature therefore I strive for naturalness in winemaking as well. I believe that good wine can only be made with love and care.