1. - Olaszrizling 2015 dry, Hungarian National Selection-silver
  2. - Olaszrizling 2015 dry,VinCe Magazin october 4*
  3. - Szürkebarát (Pinot Gris) 2015 dry, VinCe Magazin 4* „ Best Buy”
  4. - Hárslevelű 2015 dry, Bükkalja International Wine Competition, Gold 
  5. - Furmint 2015 semisweet
  6. - Léna cuvée "Late Harvest" sweet
  7. - Balatoni Rizling Brut Nature ,Methode Traditionelle



 Olaszrizling 2015 dry, Hungarian National Selection-silver

Greenish yellow with some carbon dioxide to account for its slightly carbonated character. It has a short but powerful, special aroma, reminiscent of petunias. The underlying flavours are determined by late harvesting. Rounded acids with some bitterness on the finish.




Olaszrizling 2015 dry,VinCe Magazin october 4*

Kern Winery Riesling, Lake Balaton, 2015

Dry white wine
**** 4 stars 16,10 points!

"Moderately intense greenish-yellow in color. Aromas of ripe white-fleshed fruits, peaches and a discreet minerality as well. Palate passed the sip and here also appear in the mature fruit. Its acids are vivid and subtle, there are good proportion of the other ingredients of the wine. Balanced, medium intensity tasty, delicious wine. "- Test section VinCE Magazine October 2016 Issue






 Pinot Gris 2015 dry, VinCe Magazin 4* „ Best Buy”


"Good intensity, ripe white fruit and first clean smell. Especially pear and ripe apple. The taste is rich, silky texture and rich wine, are also ripe white-fleshed fruit and a small walnut top. Alcohol content increased, but richer dishes that remain integrated. Good wine, taste and length. " Best buy - VinCE writes the magazine's September 2016 issue







Léna cuvée "Late Harvestsweet- ( Furmint 20%, Hárslevelű 20%, Kövér szőlő 20%, Kabar 20%, Zéta 20%)
WINE AND MARKETS Magazine December 2016
Kern Winery: "LENA" Cuvée 2015
Average points: 83.78
Price : £ 8
In appearance the dark straw-yellow color with a strong crown. Aromas of peach and honey
character. Medium-bodied wine, could be a bit higher in acidity. Bitter aftertaste. (B.Zs.)



 "Light golden color. Aromas of ripe pears and quinces, hint botrytises grapes reminiscent of earthy character. Medium-full wine with chocolate, stewed apple flavors, bright acidity, good balance of sugar. Ripe item quite long, mineral finish" *** Good wines 15.65 point Magazine December VinCE








Balatoni Rizling Brut Nature ,Methode Traditionelle 2014

WINE MARKET magazine December 2016:

Kern and Sparkling Wine House: Balaton Riesling champagne - brut nature, 2014
Average points: 82.78
Price: £ 10
Fruity aromas of ripe pear and buttery notes. Beautiful floral ornamentation, nice acid structure,
CO little rough, bright, strong but hustle and bustle. Autolízises its flavor notes. Very long
finish. A strong, robust style, shows a completely different flavor than the aroma. (B.Zs.)
Semi sweet white wine. Grape variety: 100% Furmint.
Intense lemon yellow color. Very clean, citrus, pear, slightly floral, elegant scent. It is also a tasty, delicious, delicious wine. Fresh, tight structure, fine citrus, pear-flavored world delicately balances the sweetness of the wine, its aftertaste is long and lasts for a long time.